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Cupcakes for a Cause

My passion in life is food and animals and what better way to combine

the two -- bake and sell cupcakes, and give part of proceeds to PAWS,

a local animal shelter, located in Norwalk, CT. I put the pen to the paper,

the pan in the oven and developed a gallery of cupcake flavors.

I have been a volunteer and cat adoption counselor at PAWS for 10 years. I have to say, it is hands down, the most rewarding experience. To be part of an organization that dedicates their time to the well being of homeless animals and finding loving homes for them is incredible.

Food Stylist by trade, it was a snap to combine  my culinary background

and my love of animals to be able to begin this venture. I have to thanks

many of my pals, both personal and professional, for without them, this

venture may have never got off the ground.

Joe Longo, Michael Heintz and Nan Wasson for their exquisite


Heather Bean for finding the perfect, precious cupcake pedestal. to

showcase each and everyone of them.

All my friends at PAWS for all their support.

My girls, Melanie and Stephanie, for tasting every last cupcake crumb.

Last but not least, all the loving animals at PAWS . I bake these

cupcakes with a sprinkle in my heart for every single one of you

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